Welcome to the official blog for the American Show Jumping League (ASJL).

The first few posts will explain the concept of the grassroots league. The purpose is to support a simple, logical framework for novice jumping competition that is inclusive, humane and safety-conscious.

The Ominous Facts

It is unfortunately true that recent years have seen increasing numbers of “unwanted” horses in the US. These include many perfectly healthy mounts!

In 2007 the American Horse Council’s coalition estimated that “approximately 170,000 horses go unwanted each year.” Since that report, horse slaughter was ended … adding another 75,000 to 150,000 potentially unwanted horses each year.

The rescue of abandoned horses and/or facilitating euthanasia cannot solve the problem alone. The continued crisis calls for new ideas.

Needed: More Horseplay

A humane way to solve the ‘unwanted’ horse problem is to help the horses become wanted! Successful traditions along with modern experience and technology can energize a new level of interest in equestrian pursuits.