Show jumping is a complex sport, but the many variables–focus, timing, balance, judgment, experience, control, training–condense into the single goal: jumping a clean round.

In harmony with the simplicity of the sport’s demands, the league records the scores of only one kind of competition: a single-round class with a generous time allowed. A clean round is not only the first goal of jumping sports, it can be useful as an objective proof of competence.

The Qualifier

The League Qualifier is a jumping class in which each horse and rider combination who jump a clean (faultless) round automatically qualify for the local season-end championships.

Qualifiers can be held alone with a warmup class, or as part of another horse show or event.

A Class All its Own

This clean round format is the only format used by the low-level jumping courses of the ASJL. This is to serve the beginning levels of jumping, and its purpose in learning basic position, balance and control. Competition at this stage is a test to prove competence, not ranking.

Going clean in a Qualifier earns entry for the season-end Championships. Horses and riders completing clean rounds all through the Championships enter the season’s Circle of Champions for that level. Congratulations!