The ASJL season-end finals are held locally at the end of each season, near the end of September. Every horse/rider combination that scores a clear round in a league Qualifier is entitled to attend.

The main focus of the Championships is to promote community in celebration of horsemanship … the purpose is not to find a single champion or ranking order, but to honor those who have achieved competence at a given level. The event seeks to reward participants and supporters with an enjoyable occasion, and to offer a new focal point of attention and energy for the grassroots.

2017 Season Calendar

A season Calendar will be established for online signups to host the Championships beginning in April 2017. This is a local event which may be held by any facility in the area which can feasibly host the expected number of participants.

Selections are to be assigned on a first come/first served basis … however the Calendar will not be subject to a indefinite status-quo mechanism but, in cases of multiple bids, will use human rationality in decision-making to determine the best outcome for growing the sport locally at the grassroots level. There is a need to respect others’ investment in the sport, and the interests of participating stables will be protected along with service to the area’s sport and horse community.

The Championships Format

The Championships are composed of a series of three (3) clean round classes. Groundpoles are not officially scored as part of the local Championship, but may be offered as an ‘experience’ class if desired.

The event is typically held on a single day, however the classes may also be held over two or more days—or with different levels running on different days. The number of rounds may be limited to only two (2) if constraints warrant.

Participants who complete the series of courses without fault are named to the Circle of Champions for that level. There is no limitation on how many times a horse/rider combo may take part at any level; a rider may stay at a level indefinitely if desired.

The Championship Spirit

The grassroots Championship mission includes a dedication to promoting participation. If a horse/rider combination have not qualified in the regular season (by scoring a clean round in a league Qualifier), they may participate in a ‘Spirit’ series, over the same courses. However, only regularly qualified participants are eligible for the official Circle of Champions.

A Tradition … not a change

The idea of a community celebration of equestrian recreation and sport is more ancient than the words we have to describe it. Whether a fair or festival or parade or show, the tradition of a season-ending celebration is one of the great community-building customs. It is time to reaffirm and regrow this legacy in the public interest–and benefit from the proven value it brings.

More than competition, more than spectacle … the local league Championships are a time to enjoy and contemplate the year’s experience, to reward riders and their supporters, and to create a little history for the record books.