The league Qualifier is very easy to integrate with other arena events. This is encouraged too, because adding a variety of competitions is both educational and fun for participants. Novice riders on a standard mount can explore a great range of experience in the saddle.

Here are some events that can be held along with a jumping competition schedule:

Dressage is a very positive discipline to add … it is excellent training for any mounted discipline, especially jumping. If it isn’t possible to hold the competition in a separate location, positioning dressage either before or after all jumping classes will minimize ground preparation.

A Combined Test includes both jumping and dressage. Separate classes are held for each level, and both scores are added together. This is a great rider challenge, and one that offers another low-level jumping course without speed as a determining factor.

Mounted Games, for example Barrels and Poles, are fun classes. Gymkana is an “English” version of Western Games. It may make more sense to not restrict a class to one kind of tack, but this isn’t common practice at this time.

Many games/gymkana classes require speed but, for most beginners, games involving basic skills should be the focus: egg and spoon, ride a buck, flag race (trotting), ribbon race, etc.

The Trail class is considered a Western event (ie, Western saddle) but there is no existing reason for this. The competition itself is an excellent all-around kind of competition that could make a fun, low-key and worthwhile addition to a jumping event. Bareback even.

One less-explored possibility which is rather undemanding of a horse is could be a Drill Team event. Though this field does not seem to be well organized, it could offer more advanced riders a fun and long-term goal. It would be an excellent inter-barn competition.

Another fairly unorganized competition is some form of arena polo. It lends itself to teams and friendly inter-barn competition. This event can be anything from beachball/broomstick games to the highly-skilled lacrosse analog, polocross.

Some excellent arena events that may fit more developed interest levels or special facilities include Vaulting, Driving, Horseball, Skijoring, Mounted shooting/archery, Jousting (with rings), and cutting/penning. There are also chuck wagon races and other forms of chariot racing, rodeo events, halter and breed classes, judged show classes, pony steeplechase and many others … the arena has been a site of innovation for centuries!

Considering the number of different outlets and variety of pursuits, it might seem strange that America could have sound horses that are unwanted.


There are many competitions that can be added to a grassroots event for variety and interest. Though these ‘fun’ additions are not automatically scored by the League, this site is available to list online information for any series type event that is also included in the ASJL championships.