About John Royce

My interest in horses began with a wonderfully patient ‘rescue’ horse named Blaze. Some of my fondest memories are of grassy fields of horse trailers and the makeshift arenas of local schooling shows, where a strong love of horses thrived and education was a continuing adventure.

I believe in the importance of the humane preservation of horses and our historic partnership. In my experience, the development of grassroots-level horse sports contributes to this goal.

Equestrian competition is ancient, but grassroots horsemanship replaces something very recently lost: our common connection with horses. In a truly horse-powered world, just within living memory, people learned the basics of horses and riding from childhood. Competition at the grassroots level provides the structure for engaging in this lost experience.

Sometimes we discard the thing we need

Today the horse ‘industry’ is being challenged to complete the transformation it began a century ago, into the caretaker of our ancient partnership. The energy of the grassroots can offer new opportunities to preserve the experience of horses for future generations.

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