The course layouts for the league competition levels are available for download as a resource for individual events. The layouts may be used for any Qualifier; these are also the courses that are used in the season championships.

ASJL Groundpoles IASJL Groundpoles II


ASJL Crossbars IASJL Crossbars II


ASJL Beginner IASJL Beginner II


ASJL Welcome IASJL Welcome IIIASJL Welcome III


ASJL Discovery I ASJL Discovery III

The courses are meant to offer a basic, logical progression of jump training. These designs reflect the system of jumping instruction originally developed by cavalry and later adapted by civilian instructors and trainers.

As the courses advance in height, additional skills are introduced. Participants graduate through courses that add challenges including inside lines, changes of direction, spread fences, and two-element combinations.