The goal of the American Show Jumping League (ASJL) is to provide opportunities for grassroots participation which complement existing forms of equestrian activities. The structure is to be simple and useful to horse-enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

Competition Levels

As with any organized grassroots sports organization, the ASJL offers different levels according to a competitor’s ability. These levels correspond to basic courses appropriate for novice grassroots participants, providing a clear and logical structure of progress for both horses and riders literally from the ground up.

Each level has a standard specification of fence height, number of obstacles, combinations, changes of direction, etc. The levels increase in difficulty from groundpoles and crossbars to jumps of about 3’ … These existing levels are explicitly recognized to give grassroots riders, instructors and trainers a ladder of rational riding goals from day one.

The League Qualifier

The League has only one official form of competition: a clean-round class. (Faultless rounds within the time allowed are considered “clean”.)

This class can be held anywhere suitable—from backyard paddocks to flat pasture to fairgrounds to world class facilities, with the only requirement being that the course is built to specifications and the league’s rules and conduct are observed.

The League’s classes may be held alone or as part of another event. A facility can sign up to hold the event … and afterwards the official scorekeeper sends in the names of official clean rounds. These are added to the List of those qualified for the season-end Finals.

In other words, any horse and rider combination who complete a clean round in a league Qualifier is automatically invited to the season-end finals at that level.

The Season Finals

The Championship Finals are meant to end each summer/fall series. The purpose is having a fun competitive target for trainers and riders, while making a special event the community and grassroots customers can enjoy.

The Finals are a series of clean-round classes, held over well-built and decorated courses that represent that level without exceeding specifications.

Horse and rider combinations that successfully jump cleanly over all designated courses at the Finals are named to the Circle of Champions for that year.