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ASJL Qualifier – Course layouts

The course layouts for the league competition levels are available for download as a resource for individual events. The layouts may be used for any Qualifier; these are also the courses that are used in the season championships. Groundpoles Crossbars Beginner Welcome... Read More

Other Competitions

The league Qualifier is very easy to integrate with other arena events. This is encouraged too, because adding a variety of competitions is both educational and fun for participants. Novice riders on a standard mount can explore a great range of experience in the... Read More

The Qualifier: Scheduling

The ASJL rules are limited to a basic set of traditional guidelines, and otherwise support the greatest possible scope for individuality and creative approaches to holding events. The league establishes only one scheduling rule: the Warm-up. Though it is not strictly... Read More

The Qualifier

Show jumping is a complex sport, but the many variables–focus, timing, balance, judgment, experience, control, training–condense into the single goal: jumping a clean round. In harmony with the simplicity of the sport’s demands, the league records... Read More

Riding Clothes

To embrace participation, the ASJL follows the practical-minded tradition of the grassroots–and the arc of history–by offering a more open dress code.

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The ASJL Season Championships

More than competition, more than spectacle … the local league Championships are a time to enjoy and contemplate the year’s experience, to reward riders and their supporters, and to create a little history for the record books.

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Cowboy Jumping? The Great Tack Debate

Many grassroots riders have easier access to a Western saddle than an “English” one … by allowing the use of a Western saddle in Groundpoles and Crossbars, riders can test the waters, so to speak, to see if they enjoy the game. Using familiar tack will make riders more comfortable, a key to participation.

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Groundpoles: The ground level

Though the league is open to anyone who wishes to participate, it is being specifically created to include rescued horses and ‘unwanted’ horses. The Groundpoles level aligns with the goal to offer a place for older or otherwise misfit-but-willing horses who are unable to perform more strenuous action at this time.

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Concept for a Grassroots League

The goal of the American Show Jumping League (ASJL) is to provide opportunities for grassroots participation which complement existing forms of equestrian activities. The structure is to be simple and useful to horse-enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

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