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This site was created to support a grassroots jumping league based on education and humane values.

On the site’s blog, I posted a short series to explain the league concept.

The league ideas are not new, but simply a retaking up of successful traditional practice in light of subsequent experience. Most importantly, this league can grow and adapt in its mission to foster the horse/human partnership and the passion it brings.

The site is a community resource, and all site users can post on the blog. Simply make a new post and publish it for review. Publication is automatic except in cases of harmful offense.

Or contact the ASJL directly with your suggestions and questions!

The Importance of the Grassroots

The grassroots are the foundation of any sport, but they carry additional significance for equestrian competition. Daily life no longer features horses for most of us, and a flourishing grassroots can offer new ways to connect.

Because modern horse sports developed in a top-down manner from cavalry command, putting effective focus on grassroots participation is a new and promising challenge for the horse world today.

Show jumping is an excellent grassroots activity because it encourages high standards of horse care and helps develop a positive partnership between horse and rider.

Traditional ‘Best Practices’ Renewed

The league concept promotes a cohesive approach for the foundational levels of jumping, bringing forward good traditions of the “golden age” of the sport into our modern world of ever-increasing time and money pressures.

The goal is to support a competitive grassroots structure with a focus on education, inclusion and affordability, while providing a safe, humane and enjoyable experience with horses.

A Vibrant Grassroots Grow … Solutions

A major goal of this project is to address the alarming rise in recent years of light horses in need of rescue and care. Grassroots challenges can engage would-be riders, hopefully reducing the number of horses who are ‘unwanted.’

Providing for a fair and humane challenge that grows the horse/human partnership is the purpose of the league.

I hope you will find ideas here to support. Thank you very much for visiting!

equestrian pictogram

The purpose of the league is to foster public participation in humane horse activities.

Jumping is an excellent all-around training activity because so little of it is jumping: balance and timing and control are required.


Meet John Royce, the writer and blogger behind the ASJL concept …

Please contact the ASJL if you have ideas or suggestions … or if you’d like to get involved!