One frustration of the unwanted horse crisis is that so many people are missing out on the benefits of the very animal they own.

We live in a new era of horsemanship. Military training and riding methods are not guarded as in the past: the gates are open to participation in these most epic sports of cavalry and kings. New economics and forms of interaction are available, ready for development in light of new roles for horses in the 21st century.


The grassroots represent the new form of horsemanship, serving horses and riders of many different backgrounds and goals.

Low level jumping competition offers several benefits to increase interest and quality of horsemanship:

Horses should be sought-after, never unwanted.

Box with Number 1Jumping is an excellent training exercise for horse and rider. Competition follows training progress, incrementally becoming more demanding, providing a natural background to advance the horse/rider partnership.

Box with Number 2The fun and educational experience of jumping is available to all interested participants and horses, including lesson horses and backyard mounts. Organized competition helps to give riders and trainers clear guidelines and attainable goals.

Box with Number 3By keeping a record of clean rounds jumped in Qualifiers, each participating horse will have an independently verified record of experience for sale or exchange. The goal is to support a solid career for recreational riding, while increasing the animal’s visibility and value in the community.

The potential of every horse should be valued.

Grassroots jumping provides an open, level playing field that fairly values the natural potential of all horses. Grassroots jumping gives “unwanted” horses a way to become very much wanted.

Girl with HorseAny level of rider can find benefit in learning and competing in jumping. New participants can discover the humane and thrilling challenge.

Trainers and instructors can use low-level jumping competitions in the process of developing horses and riders.

Grassroots jumping offers even ‘unwanted’ horses the chance to offer a unique gift: an experience of a lifetime.