Equestrian sports helped bring the experience of humane horsemanship into the modern era.

The goal of the American Show Jumping League (ASJL) concept is to foster grassroots competition and build new opportunities for people to experience horses.


Traditions of Horsemanship

Horses are part of man’s oldest memories … a tie to our collective past,
a renewing resource for the foundational values that made our world.



courage (#2)

education (top of last bottom three) #4

Respect (top)

leadership (bottom)


Our Living History

Horses are a living source of the values, cooperative skills and social traditions that built civilization.

Our Great Teacher

Horsemanship has been a foundation of education since the dawn of civilization … today anyone can benefit from the courage, character and confidence our ancient partner requires and develops.

A Connection to Nature

Horses are a gateway into nature, for they have never lost their instincts and remain connected to the natural world.

Our Partner

The renewing spirit of horses offers new generations the benefits of our foundational partnership.

About the League

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Reflecting the Values of the Grassroots

The ASJL supports grassroots show jumping that recognizes the needs of the many stakeholders involved, including supporters and facility owner/managers.
Here are some updated areas of the new league concept:
A Way to Experience Our Living History

Affordable Competition


Shorter Travel Distances

Customer-friendly Scheduling

Fun, Educational Experience

Clearly-defined Standards

Objective Scoring

Focused on Safety & Humane Practices